Beckett on Netflix: How John David Washington’s athletic career helped him on his role

Available on Netflix, Ferdinando Cito Filmarino’s thriller “Beckett” stars John David Washington as a particularly bodily fugitive. The actor used his NFL past to rise to the challenge.


Before becoming a professional actor, John David Washington distinguished himself in a completely different field: sports. A player, among others, in the NFL Europa, for the Rhein Fire team in Dusseldorf, he finished his sports career in 2012 to dedicate himself to film and television. In 2015, he combined his two passions by playing a soccer player in the HBO series Ballers alongside Dwayne Johnson.

After proving his worth in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman and Christopher Nolan Tenet, John David Washington is now starring in the conspiratorial thriller Beckett, available on Netflix. In this film, directed by Italian Ferdinando Cito Filmarino, he plays an American tourist in Greece who is being hunted by the country’s authorities who are trying to cover up a political conspiracy. Whoever says the role of a fugitive necessarily says physical preparation and the actor had to call upon his previous skills to keep up.

His athletic past has been derived from a physical point of viewThe director says. When you think you’ve reached your limit, your survival instincts kick in and push you to something unexpected. All of these things, John David Washington himself incorporated into his character. This makes him a very accurate performer.

Participate in his work, the actor even wanted to do his own stunts during the filming. “He does everything you see in the movie: gets hit by a car and all that stuff. This makes it possible to achieve more originality‘ says Ferdinando Seto Filmarino.

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It’s on the set of Beckett Who knew John David Washington was joining the cast tenet. in a interview Given to the media colliderThe representative explains:On the set, I promised myself I wouldn’t run for long after that, then tenet I arrived and knew I still had seven months of chases. I was like, “Okay, I’m going to have to wait to rest.” Then the pandemic happened, and ironically I didn’t have to run for long.Soon John David Washington will be starring in the upcoming David O. Russell movie starring Christian Bale, Margot Robbie and Robert De Niro.

Check out the trailer for “Beckett”:

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