Be a mule to settle gambling debts

A semi-professional former hockey player who agreed to turn into an organized crime mule to write off $ 60,000 in sports betting debt could spend 70 months in a US prison after being caught with 45 kilograms of coke in Kansas.

Vincent Muller and his companion Anne-Marie Dubey’s plan could have succeeded if they had not been intercepted as they were following another vehicle closely, on August 8, 2019.

Court documents including Newspaper We got a copy that highlights the failure of this import and how organized crime came to recruiting mules to transport drugs.

A few days before their arrest, the duo took a plane from Quebec to Los Angeles, where people deposited 45 kilograms of cocaine in a rental car. Their goal: to cross the United States to New York.

Others were waiting for them with their precious cargo, worth close to $ 2 million. Then the drugs were forced to cross the border into Canada.

Several doubts

But the inhabitants of Quebec were never able to reach their destination, as they quickly aroused the suspicion of the guard who had intercepted them.

Their extreme nervousness, their elusive answers about their route and the presence of three cell phones and lots of food waste prompted the officer to search the car. A police dog alerted the patrol to the presence of narcotic substances and they were arrested.

“It’s common for drug dealers’ cars to look like this, because they don’t stop very often and cross the country quickly. […] They usually use disposable phones (Burner phones), One of them mentions in a document referring to the testimony of the police officer.

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Debt repayment

Vincent Muller came close to becoming a mule due to a great debt. The former tough guy setbacks after his hockey career began when his “desire to compete” pushed him into sports betting. However, he developed a “serious problem” and became owed $ 60,000.

The 36-year-old met at an unspecified time with a person referred to as “Pete” in court documents. ” [Il lui] Mueller’s lawyer said he could make enough money to pay off his gambling debt by transporting drugs from one place to another.

The latter would have agreed to take two trips only to pay for what he owed. Subsequently, Vincent Muller had turned to Anne-Marie Duby to accompany him on this trip. The young woman was due to receive financial compensation, especially because she was responsible for driving.

The two Quebecers pleaded guilty to the charges against them for possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. They attempted to challenge the legality of their protest, but to no avail.


A joint suggestion was made of 50 months in prison, but the judge sentenced Mueller to 70 months in prison instead. Resume this sentence. Dubi has yet to receive his sentence.

« [Les mules] These are but examples of pawns employed to do the dirty work and take all risks, the Quebec lawyer emphasized, as he tried to reduce the level of inclusion.

Upon announcing his arrest, our FBI revealed that the 36-year-old was an acquaintance with Hells Angels. However, the documents do not indicate which organization the cocaine was withdrawn for.

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– With Andrea Valeria

Quebec and Los Angeles

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Copies of court documents

On August 5, 2019, Vincent Muller and Anne Marie Dobby left Quebec on a trip to Los Angeles, California. When they got there, they took a rental car and 45 kilograms of coke were deposited there.

Los Angeles, New York

The duo’s plan was to travel approximately 4,500 kilometers between Los Angeles and New York. People were waiting for them to collect medicine.

Captured in Kansas

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Photo taken from court documents

Quebecers intercepted I-70, in Kansas, in Wabaunsee County, near Topeka. Their nervousness and inconsistency in their itinerary aroused the suspicions of the police officer, who searched the car. Then the drug was found.

New York to Montreal

The smugglers responsible for the import took care of the last step: transporting drugs across the Canadian border.

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