BBC presenter Gary Lineker has retired after an anti-government tweet

(London) The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced, on Friday, the withdrawal of its star presenter, Gary Lineker, after a tweet by the former England player compared the government’s language on refugees to that of Germany in the 1930s.

After the Conservative government announced on Tuesday a new bill aimed at preventing migrants arriving across the English Channel from seeking asylum in the UK, Gary Lineker, who is very active on Twitter, denounced on the social network a “harsh policy aimed at the most vulnerable, in language no different.” about those used by Germany in the 30s.

The 62-year-old former England striker’s words, followed by nearly 9 million netizens, have sparked heated debate in a tense context over immigration issues, but also frequent criticism of attacks on public broadcasting neutrality by the British right. .

Then the BBC said it would speak with the presenter Match of the daya very popular football program that has been broadcast every Saturday since 1964.

On Friday, the audio-visual group said it considered “the recent activities (of Mr. Lineker) on social networks as a violation of the instructions.”

The BBC has decided that he (Gary Lineker) will withdraw from presenting Match of the day Until we clearly agree with him on his use of social networks, ”this is specific.

In response, the former England striker, in particular for Arsenal, Ian Wright, said that he would not take part in the presentation on Saturday, when he usually acts as an expert.

“Everyone knows what that means Match of the day For me, but I told the BBC I wouldn’t be there tomorrow.” “Symbiosis.”

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After the outrage his tweet caused, Gary Lineker reiterated that he assumes his words. And on Thursday, he wrote on Twitter that he was “so excited” to host his show on Saturday.

Gary Lineker, 48 goals in the English shirt until his retirement in 1994, has put up the show since 1999. Match of the day on the BBC.

Nicknamed “Mr. Nice” for his impeccable behavior throughout his career, he has since become a star presenter and expresses his political positions without restraint, particularly against Brexit and immigrants.

The new bill, which according to the government aims to put an end to the illegal arrival of migrants through the Channel, has been criticized by the United Nations and several human rights groups.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has accused London of wanting to “end the right to asylum”.

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