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Tokyo 2020: ‘High hopes’ for British Olympic runners

The public broadcaster was criticized this morning for his handling of British sprinter Dina Asher-Smith after she withdrew from her race with a hamstring injury. She became emotional when she told the network of her failure and started crying. Viewers wondered why the host didn’t cut the interview short and why the producers thought it was a good idea to get her teary-eyed.

GB sprinter Adam Gemelli tweeted: “Why are they zooming in????”

Another wrote: “I literally couldn’t believe they were zooming in.

“Like… let’s take a closer look at this girl’s grief.

“I turned away, not wanting to see his pain.”

However a third said, “The interviewer should have shut this down when he went crazy.”

Earlier this week, sports fans criticized the BBC’s lack of coverage of the Olympics.

Question: Do you think the BBC should lose the rights to broadcast the Olympics? Vote below (Image: GETTY)

The BBC has come under fire for not covering the Olympics (Image: GETTY)

The event is being held without an audience in accordance with Covid restrictions in Japan.

Thousands of British fans hoping to travel to the Asian country to cheer their favorite athletes and teams were forced to watch from their sofas.

But many said the BBC had not shown all the relevant events to the UK public.

It is the result of the agreement between the International Olympic Committee and the American company Discovery.

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The broadcasting group regained the European rights to broadcast the games, but the BBC was still allowed to broadcast some parts.

However, the deal means that BBC coverage is somewhat cut compared to previous years.

BBC presenter Dan Walker said the beb was only showing two live events at the same time.

He tweeted: “I know we used to be able to see all the sports – on different channels – at the Olympics, but this time the BBC is only allowed to show two sports at the same time. It’s a TV rights issue and not an editorial choice.”

Mark Davies, president of the British Rowing Association, said he found no coverage of rowing as tennis fans criticized the BBC’s decision not to broadcast Andy Murray’s first doubles match.

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Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo runners run through a stadium without spectators (Image: GETTY)

Tokyo Olympics 2020

The British swimming team won the gold medal (Image: GETTY)

This led to a lot of criticism among viewers.

Some have even called for Beeb to be stripped of the broadcast rights to the quadrennial sporting event.

“The BBC coverage was horrible throughout the Olympics,” one person said.

A second wrote: “This is the worst BBC coverage I can remember in my fifties. It’s shocking.”

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Boxers at a match in Tokyo (Image: GETTY)

“I hope that by the next Olympics there will be some decent competition to get them out of their complacency.”

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However, a third said: “The BBC’s coverage of the Olympics is too gossip to be able to broadcast only two streams/programs simultaneously.

“Please show more real sport, that’s kind of the purpose of the Olympics.”

The next Olympic Games will be held from the end of July to mid-August in 2024 and will be mainly held in Paris.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

BBC is showing reduced coverage of the Olympics (Image: GETTY)

The BBC has admitted it has ceded its right to full coverage of the Tokyo Games in a bid to retain broadcast rights for the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paris 2024.

A spokesperson for the International Olympic Committee said: “The International Olympic Committee (IOC) sold the rights to the 2022 and 2024 Olympics to Discovery, so we had to conclude a package deal ensuring the Olympics would remain on the BBC.

“With over 500 hours of live coverage and more BBC One than ever before, along with 24-hour catch-up, extensive radio and digital rights, we’ve secured a comprehensive viewing for an audience that has already been watched by over 26 million people.”

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