Batman: Caped Crusader: JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves met Apple, Netflix and Amazon

a few weeks ago, HBO Max I decided to hand over the series Batman: Caped Crusader From Bruce Tim. But, good news for fans of the creator, the project was not completely abandoned. in lack of liquidity, Warner Bros. I simply decided to apply the ‘method Sandman“For this new original creation – simply co-production and commissioning another platform to fund and broadcast the series. JJ Abrams And the Matt Reevescross-company development bad robot And the 6 and IdahoPresentations began with potential buyers of the SVOD segment.

Negotiations in Gotham

The The Hollywood Reporter Shows that the two producers together Bruce TimAt work since last week to find a new home Batman: Caped Crusader. Netflixwhich cooperate with Warner Bros.but also Prime video (Amazon) And the + AppleTV It will be in sight to integrate the product into their distribution networks. Noun hollowWhich has been circulating for a while as a credible leadership, does not appear in this rescue campaign.

Note in passing that even if the series hasn’t found a buyer yet, journalist Bowers Kit It was already explained that the machines were not turned off by the technical teams. Abrams And the Reeves Clearly designed to put the project somewhere, and with minimal sophistication compared to what was planned. Good news for one of the most awaited animated series in the superhero galaxy, with an impressive roster of talent mobilized in the creation process.

About whether you have a chain Batman In a place other than a day cartoon network where HBO Max It will not be counterproductive in the long run to the brand image of Warner Bros.Well, let’s just say it will take some time to get used to. And even for a whole host of other products.

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