Bas-Saint-Laurent: Step on the vaccination pedal

Vaccination will resume in Bas-Saint-Laurent, with 3,510 doses of vaccine arriving by Saturday, plus an additional 2,340 doses next week. The goal of vaccinating 10,000 people should be achieved before the end of the month.

After vaccinating all the people who want it in CHSLDs, as well as health workers and residents of intermediate resources, the CISSS du Bas-Saint-Laurent definitely slowed down. Only 6,319 doses have been given since December 24.

This recovery makes it possible to continue vaccination in intermediate resources, health workers are considered essential and to continue also in private residences for the elderly (RPA).

The foot appears to be on the throttle because it is expected that from the beginning of March, we can start vaccinating the general public, starting with the elderly who are currently living indoors. There will be eight vaccination sites in the area, including one for each Migrant Resource Center. The locations will be revealed next week. Secondary sites can be added over time to reach people who live in remote villages.

It should also be noted that the National Institute of Public Health confirmed that the first dose of the vaccine was 80% effective, so the second dose delay strategy works to vaccinate more people.

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