Barack Obama is campaigning in Virginia to support Terry McAliffe

(Richmond) Barack Obama is campaigning for a particularly close local election in Virginia on Saturday, as he actively negotiated a major investment plan with Congress as a national test of Joe Biden’s popularity.

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Five years after leaving the White House, former President Terry McAuliffe, 64, who is the most popular Democrat in the United States, was a candidate for governor of Virginia, having previously served from 2014 to 2018.

Former Democrat leader Mr. McAuliffe fears discontent with pro-Trump Republican Glenn Youngkin, 54, neck and neck and his party Democrats ahead of the Nov. 2 vote.

Mr. Before Obama’s afternoon speech at the Commonwealth University of Virginia in Richmond, First Lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Rising Democrat star Stacey Abrams traveled to the state’s Conservative South. The U.S. president is expected to be there next week to campaign for Mr McAuliffe in Virginia.

Joe Biden clearly won 10 points in Virginia 2020, and the Republicans have not won an election in that state since 2009. But the Democratic nominee’s lead has waned for weeks, and his lead in the polls is now on the brink of error.

Mr McAliffe’s victory will give impetus to the massive investment plan that the Democrats want to advance through the left-wing Congress. The failure could lead to more warnings from moderate sections of the party, which are reluctant to approve some more $ 3 trillion in spending.

Mr. Obama hopes to inspire African-American voters to be the mainstay of this southern state, especially with the removal of the statue of Federal General Robert Lee, one of the country’s slave past key symbols. Only last month.

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“I saw Terry firmly defending the values ​​we all hold together: defending the right to vote for every citizen, the fight against climate change, and defending the right to abortion,” Obama said at one point. It aired on TV before he arrived.

Mr. McAuliffe presented the ballot as a vote against Donald Trump.

“This is the most important poll of 2021,” he said in an election leaflet sent to voters on Saturday. “If the Democrats vote in large numbers in 2020, we will win. But if not, we will lose – and we can say goodbye to all of Virginia’s progress and congratulations on the resurgence of Trumpism in our country.

In schools where Donald Trump is campaigning against the mandatory mask hated by voters, Mr.

Mr. Trump did not go to Virginia, but he almost joined the pro-Young campaign rally on October 13, which included his former adviser Steve Penn.

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