Bao: Americans at CounterPointe Sports say they’re still motivated by Elan Béarnais’ appeal

After a videoconference organized at the end of the afternoon with Mayor Francois Bayrou, CounterPointe Sports Group, wishing to become the major shareholder of Elan Béarnais Pau-Lacq-Orthez, wrote the following press release:

CounterPointe Sports Group (GSC) remains excited to become the new major shareholder in Elan Bearnais Basketball Club. We have a lot of admiration for the beautiful city of Pau, its culture and people, as well as the wonderful history of basketball by Ilan Bernier. Our ambition for this project is to bring our sporting and business expertise To help return Elan Béarnais to the top of French basketball and work closely with the consortium to create a new paradigm for the role of professional sport in society as a sociologist an institution that works for the benefit of all people and the environment.

The audit has gone very well so far, and we greatly appreciate the hospitality, transparency and cooperation the city and Bao residents have provided us so far. We especially thank the efforts of Mayor Francois Bayrou and his team, the due diligence team led by Club President David Bonimason Carrer, Laurent Claverot, Bruno Baylor, Dominique Woolley, and the many community members who have all provided valuable information and insights over the past few months.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid epidemic and quarantine restrictions required on arrival, Counterpointe members residing in the US have not been able to personally visit Pau yet. Tom Huston is the General Manager of European Operations for Switzerland-based Counterpoint. He led the daily development of this project with Gregg Hughes (Co-Founder & CEO of CSG). This is Mr. Houston’s second visit to Pau, and the first was in early December of last year.

This visit marks the last important step in the audit process, which is to meet with members of the business community to understand the potential level of interest and enthusiasm for partnering with CSG and the city to implement this project and its ambitious vision. After this analysis, we hope to move to the next stage of the process which will consist of structuring, discussing and negotiating the final contractual details.

the summery of project

Counterpoint and the city are convinced that for professional sports organizations to be truly successful, they must not only be successful in sports, but also serve a higher purpose. Sports is a powerful platform that can bring joy and excitement, as well as being a highly effective tool for improving people’s lives on many levels.

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This large and innovative project relies on four main strategic pillars: Sports, Site Management, Real Estate Development, and Sustainability and Inclusion:


To lay the foundation for its future success, Counterpointe will draw on the best practices and extensive experience of its team, led by Stu Jackson, which will include Rick Pettino, beauty Mashburne and Mike Bethea. Their goal is to build an organization that is able to replicate and maintain long-term success. This includes adding local staff and additional operational resources. CSG will invest heavily in the youth academy to attract and develop the best young talent from France, Europe, Africa and the United States. We will provide young players with an unparalleled opportunity to develop sport, as well as human development in the form of education, access to experiences off the field and life skills training that will serve them well outside of their football careers. While we cannot guarantee the number of victories the club will receive, we will significantly increase the club’s budget and strive to recruit the best possible team. Bringing the club back to the glory days of bygone years takes a lot of rebuilding and patience. We have been here for the long haul and we know the results will follow our club-building philosophy.

Site management and real estate development

This project includes the complete management of the Sports Palace throughout the year, which will not only enhance the basketball experience, but will also organize exciting events and activities throughout the year.

Counterpointe will leverage its cross-cluster commercial expertise, as a new marketing partner to Zenith Arena, to make Palais des Sports and Zenith more attractive to partner companies and advertisers, while providing new capabilities. Welcome visitors.

An important component of the project is the development of the land adjacent to the Sports Palace into a thematic area around sport, music and sustainability, which will include restaurants, entertainment and shopping, a new hotel, training facilities and accommodations for players, sports facilities for the audience and an outdoor amphitheater.

Every aspect of this project is carefully considered with city officials as well as local business owners, supporters and consultants. Counterpointe believes the area surrounding the two venues will become a destination where customers can entertain, educate and inspire not only event days but also 365 days of the year.

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The concept of sustainability is present in all aspects of Counterpointe’s vision for this project, from sport serving people and the planet. The project will be managed on a daily basis in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Counterpointe is committed to supporting the City of Pau’s focus on youth, education, vocational training, and skills development. It is equally important to ensure that the elderly play a meaningful and active role in society. In addition, the well-respected Pau Technical University and many companies in the Bao region are at the forefront of its sector in terms of innovating new products and sustainable solutions.

The City of Pau and Counterpointe want to create a highly visual national showcase of sustainable solutions, by integrating these innovations into the operations of the new organization, which will inspire cities and other sporting organizations to follow Pau’s example. This project will materialize in two ways;

Ilan Bernais, Team for the People

Counterpointe believes that the values ​​of sport are just as important in life and will work closely with the city, players, fans, universities and the business world. Our aim is to directly promote important human initiatives such as lifelong education, physical and emotional health, vocational training, equality, employment development, financial education, etc. Whether one is a basketball fan or not, the new Elan Béarnais will work for everyone and be a role model for the tremendous power of sport to bring about major social change.

Climate Technology Park

Counterpointe will invite all French and European companies that offer innovative low carbon technologies to help us create a fully sustainable, circular small community within Pau, by deploying these solutions in the Palais des sports, Zenith Arena and the new real estate project, while aggregating and communicating all associated performance data.


The final part of the Counterpointe offer will be to give supporters and stakeholders the opportunity to own a part of the Basketball Club. Counterpointe believes that the most valuable assets of any sports club are its supporters, players and staff and that they deserve the opportunity to be owners as well.

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Since this is a new concept in the French market, the Counterpointe team is working with the national authorities to obtain the necessary advice and approval to organize such a sale. The hope is that you will be able to offer shares for purchase in digital format (called “tokens”) which can also include some additional benefits of ownership in addition to simple participation and / or voting rights. These benefits may include purchase options

Advance tickets for matches or special events, the opportunity to travel with the team, visit locker rooms, attend shooting sessions at the start of the match, etc.

About Counterpoint Sports Group

Counterpointe Sports Group, Inc. Is a for-profit privately owned company headquartered in Seattle, Washington that provides finance, management, marketing and real estate development services to maximize the value of professional sports organizations. It accomplishes this in part through traditional financial methods and symbolic “economic interests” in professional sports organizations. The CSG management consists of a team of executives who have more than ninety years of collective experience in the professional sports industry. Environmental sustainability and growth were integrated into each project. By leveraging the expertise of the management team, CSG can maximize value creation for any professional sports team, while enabling the positive environmental development of real estate assets associated with the sports team through proprietary methods. Evaluation and project design. “

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