Bannalec youth space was full of activities during the Christmas holidays – Bannalec

During the Christmas holidays, at the Espace jeunes de Bannalec, the animation team composed of Magueye Sow, Director of the Entertainment Department, Annaïk, Thibault and Cécilia, accompany and supervise the youth of the city. They have organized a program including different sports activities and team games in the Pierre Boydek complex. They’ve also planned billiards, table football, video games, and creative workshops, including tree decorating in their premises.

A total of forty registered

More than twenty young people were in attendance each day, and all in all, about forty young people were registered during the holidays. On Friday December 30 the activity is called “Capture the Flags” where each team hides their flag, while the other team must find it untouched.

The joint meal was held at noon on Friday, December 23, for 12 registered young people. The meeting scheduled for December 30 was canceled due to insufficient number of participants. Youth Space is aimed at middle school and high school students.

In addition, officials explained that there were still makeup remover wipes for sale, to fund the spring project.

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