Bank wants to punish Evander Kane

He blamed Evander Kane for borrowing a large sum of money from him without intending to repay, and Professional Bank filed a lawsuit against the San Jose Sharks for $ 15 million on Tuesday.

Kane allegedly took out a $ 1.5 million loan from the foundation in March 2019 and has not paid a single penny, according to the lawsuit documents. However, Kane declared bankruptcy last January, specifying that he has $ 26 million in debt.

Around the same time, Ken was also borrowing huge sums of money from other banks, including Centennial Bank, Zions Bancorporation, and South River Capital. Can we read documents including The Athletic that I obtained a copy of. Kane was also a huge debtor of other creditors. It is clear that the plan at the time was that these sums would never be paid or repaid. “

First victory

The bank is seeking punitive damages of $ 15 million, in addition to the fees of the lawyers working in the case.

The lawsuit also comes about two weeks after the judge decided to keep Kane’s case under the protection of Chapter 7 of the United States Bankruptcy Code instead of placing it under Chapter 11. In the event of a different decision. Future profits to pay off part of his debts.

Remember, in 2018, the fourth public choice in the 2009 NHL Draft fell on a seven-year, $ 49 million contract.

Fruitful season

Kane is currently Sharks’ top scorer with 22 goals and 45 points in 52 games. The California team is still seventh and penultimate in the Western Division with a score of 20-26-6 with 46 points. She was officially excluded from the playoffs.

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In his NHL career, the 29-year-old Vancouver-born player scored 264 goals and 502 points in 765 appearances for the Atlanta Thrashers, Winnipeg Jets, Buffalo Sippers and Sharks.

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