Bangsi says there is graffiti on the wall of the Oscar Wilde prison

The new creation of urban artist Pongxi appeared on a wall in a former British prison, West of London, writer Oscar Wilde was imprisoned. Urban artist and activist asked for his graffiti on Instagram on Thursday, March 4th. This drawing indicates An escaped prisoner Tied together using rope made of sheets and tied with a typewriter.

Banksy posted a video on his Instagram account: This is a collection of one of Bob Rose’s worship services, Now deceased American artist offered technical advice for painting landscapes in oil. “Hello, I’m Bob Rose. Welcome to the joy of painting.”, At the beginning of the section of the original video, the post continued, “You took out all your stuff, are you ready to do a fantastic painting with me? Well.”

Next, the pictures show the artist’s activity Feel his Artwork At midnight Using a giant stencil on the prison walls, with Bob Rose’s warm instructions in the background.

Prison Reading is located 70 km west of London: It will no longer take prisoners from 2013 onwards. The Ministry of Justice, which owns the building, will have to decide whether or not it will be converted into a site this month. This former remand center is famous for hosting Oscar Wilde During his two-year compulsory labor sentence for “gross misconduct.”

Image courtesy of Banksy Graffiti, March 2, 2021, on the wall of the Reading Prison in West London.
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