“Bal Pop ‘UEC is a space for liberation'”

Organized by the Union of Communist Students, the ball mixes culture and politics in a grand folk party punctuated by concerts and debates.

Several artists are shown. Go with the rap Lucky Doki With the French song strangers And Miners Passes through Rock and RnB with bike And Chanel. the DJ Yassin Show will close.

popular and accessible

It is a party that knows how to remain political. There are two debates on the program on Saturday. The first “In Palestine, from school to university, another way to resist? Where AFPS (Association France Palestine Solidarité) will participate as well as a participant in the MJCF delegation in Palestine. The second “Access to leisure: training and building differently” with the participation of a speaker from the Fête de l Humanity.

The ambitions are clear: to demand access to culture for all in a festive and fraternal atmosphere necessary after this difficult year.

We spoke with Léna Raud, national secretary of the UEC and organizer of Bal Pop’ party

“Access to culture is something very close to our hearts, because in fact the first thing that jumps into the budget of a family or even a student is, well, culture, these are recreational outings. Allowing young people to attend concerts and discussions for free is a philosophy that seems necessary given the economic and social context. Because culture, which we tend to forget, is liberation, it’s socialization too.

The more we liberate ourselves, the more we develop a critical mind about our surroundings. It is no coincidence that education and culture are the first to be affected by dictatorships. In the same way, when we want to take away a woman’s rights, we forbid her to go out, forbid her to go to the theatre, and so on. Because art is another way of looking at the world and being able to claim a free popular sphere, accessible to all, is also to claim this right of access to culture and liberation.

There is another aspect of the ball, it is somewhat similar to the philosophy of a music festival, it is to allow amateur artists or artists in the process of professionalism access to a stage in the heart of Paris, the crowds of two evenings, and to be able to make themselves known, which is sometimes difficult for artists who are young and more difficult to Music, which is a very competitive environment and suffers from the monopoly of major music production companies. »

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