BaD Festival: a new 25-acre street food and party space in Charleroi (Charleroi)

This is the first of its kind in Wallonia: a fixed outdoor space dedicated to street food, culture and parties. Rehabilitation of 25,000 square meters of brown fields to be enjoyed this summer.

The universe is industrial, modern and bold. 400 parking spaces and twenty containers coming directly from Antwerp, building materials and garlands, everything is ready to welcome lovers of gastronomy and culture this summer in Charleroi.

Nathan Lauriola, Carolo at the forefront of the project is the owner of Barabov, which is an upscale sandwich restaurant in Joselis. “The idea arose a few years ago, explains the owner of the restaurant. We dreamed of being bigger, but opening a second Barabov didn’t really make sense, while we really lack a ‘foodcourt’ space in Wallonia like which can be found in Brussels or other capitals. European”. It took no more than Nathan, his brother Francois and partner Morgan to launch the venture, less than four years after opening their restaurant.

We really lacked a foodcourt in Wallonia

A festive and unique BaD experience. Up to ten food trucks will offer international food to be sampled on site while DJs provide the musical atmosphere. At the bar, the curated group has selected selected partners to sell the drinks, including an association of exclusively Belgian brewers.

As for culture, projects are also under discussion with the city of Charleroi. “The idea would be to be able to invite artists to participate in the promotion of this local culture in turmoil.” Carolo Strong is embedded in the project’s DNA, which plays with all the prejudices about “the ugliest city in the world”. “BaD – ‘bad’ in English – it is a second degree about everything that is criticized in Charleroi. It is a way of asserting this strong industrial identity and garbage by modernizing the history of the black country.”

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Located a three-minute walk from Ludelinsart Train Station, the site will open its doors Friday 16 July It will remain open every weekend from Thursday evening to Sunday evening.

Zero Plastic Charter

To be part of an environmental wish, the organizers created a zero plastic pact on site. “All of our partners on the site must operate without plastic, Explains Nathan Lauriola. Most of them already do, so that’s cool.”

On the bar side, returnable cups will be available for consumption and will be washed directly on site. “Having a truck to pick up all the dirty mugs and bring them in to the factory before bringing them back to the site, it really doesn’t make sense to us. It was important to incorporate this into our investment so we could wash our mugs ourselves.”

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