Back to Mexico waiting for Lance Stroll

After suffering misfortune in the US, Quebecer Lance Stroll will be hoping to collect some points for his Aston Martin team this weekend, during the Mexican Grand Prix.

Stroll finished 12th in Austin on October 24 after being bumped into by compatriot Nicholas Latifi (Williams) in the first corner. The day before, he was eliminated in the first part of qualifying when a yellow flag ruined his last fast lap.

Either way, Stroll doesn’t let himself down. He even considers that he has retained some encouraging elements. His teammate Sebastian Vettel remarkably finished 10th after earning an 18th level start.

“It’s good to have a week [de repos] Between the US and Mexico Prix to recharge and come back stronger, Stroll began by saying, according to a statement from his team. Although the US Grand Prix did not go as planned, we showed a good racing pace on Sunday, so the goal is to qualify well and fight for points.”

Stroll has had good times and bad times in Mexico throughout his career. In 2017, in his first season, he landed sixth by capitalizing on the events ahead of him and a stroke of luck by stopping under the virtual safety car system. Then it was the best result of his career.

In the next two years, it settled in 12th place.

In the clouds

For the stables, this Mexican stop is a particular challenge for the stables as the Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez is located in Mexico City at an altitude of 2,285 metres. So air pressure is less strong and oxygen is more scarce. Drag, and therefore grip, is reduced due to lower air pressure, while engines suffer from lower oxygen concentrations.

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The short track is also a challenge in itself, this time for drivers, as it is difficult to overtake. But for the hobbyist, it makes a good showing, with two straits that allow the Drag Reduction System (DRS) to be activated.

“It’s a very short circuit in Mexico, but the long trails provide plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the suction effect and some exciting times,” Stroul concluded.

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