Azerion expands its European advertising offering with acquisition of Sublime

Integrating Sublime’s leading technology into the Azerion ecosystem will improve the user experience and advertising performance of the platform at the same time.

Azerion, the European group specializing in creating entertainment content and developing monetization technologies, today announced the acquisition of French digital advertising company Sublime. Sublime provides powerful and easily adaptable software advertising solutions to an international network of premium brands and publishers. The integration of Sublime into the Azerion ecosystem will enhance the group’s offer for digital monetization and advertising in Europe.

Mikael Ferreira, CEO of Azerbaijan France announced: “We are delighted to welcome the Sublime team into the Azerion family. Their creative approach to automated advertising will enhance our ad technology and monetization capabilities while improving the impact of our partners’ advertising campaigns. Sublime is well established in many of our key markets, including the UK, Italy, Spain and France. and their home country and Singapore. With Sublime, we will strengthen our foothold and differentiate our show in Europe and abroad.”

Sublime’s leading technology enables advertisers to overcome visibility, customer engagement, and performance challenges by delivering high-quality digital ad formats to target audiences. Sublime’s creative solutions help advertisers and publishers create impactful, non-intrusive ad campaigns that connect brands and consumers effectively and securely.

Sublime’s business experience, combined with Azerion’s existing automated offerings, will enable publishers to better monetize their ad inventory, giving them access to extensive digital ad experiences and better tracking of their campaigns.

Sublime CEO Andrew Buckman comments: “Continuous growth over the past nine years has enabled us to become a major European player, with a global advertising network of 4,000 leading publishers and over 2,000 premium partner brands. We are pleased to continue to grow integrating one of the world’s leading platforms. The dynamic environment of Azerion will give us The opportunity to strengthen our operations and develop our cutting edge adtech technology with access to a broader network of brands and publishers.”

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