Avignon: Exhibition of Light, Space and Time – in honor of Nicolas Schaufer at Grenier à Sel

14 artists and 35 kinetic works/installations – videos – light sculptures – robots – interactive works will be presented at Grenier à Sel.

Nicholas Schaufer was a major artist of the second half of the twentieth century, Grand Prix of the 34th Venice Biennale in 1968, one of the pioneers of electronic art, electronic arts and above all encounters between artistic disciplines.

A scholar, thinker and visual artist, he was one of the first to marry art and technology, reinventing creative processes and exploring new ways that paved the way for multiple contemporary artistic experiments.

Paying homage to this visual genius through film screenings and visual experiences, the exhibition reflects the secret link that binds him to an entire generation of artists, at the crossroads of technology and science.

The exhibition Lumière, Espace and Temps presents in dialogue current documents and works that resonate with the Trinity. Light, space and time.

Cybernetics, robotics, interactivity, prismatic visions, video art and dream machines are included in the program of this selection which invites the visitor to encounter these component materials for the work according to Nicholas Schaufer.

With Artists: B Lange, Adrien Luca, Etienne Rey, Felicie d’Etienne Dorves, Antoine Schmidt, Anne Sarah Lemour, Olivier Razi, Elias Crispin, Santiago Torres, Lapp (Australia), Justin Emard, Ronan Barrott-Ruby Barat, Maurice Benayoun and Nico de la Faye.

Curator: Véronique Baton, in precious collaboration with Éléonore de Lavandeyra Schöffer who will support this project until the end of a wonderful existence and committed to furthering her husband’s work.

Le Grenier à sel – Art and innovation

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Located in a historic monument rehabilitated by Jean-Michel Wilmot and located near the Palais des Papes, Grenier à sel is a cultural venue dedicated to new forms of artistic expression. Interspersed with exhibitions, residences, performances, workshops, and meetings, its program connects art, science, and technology to the contemporary world.

Le Grenier à sel was created thanks to the EDIS Endowment Fund, a public interest organization set up by charitable patron Régis Roquette whose mission is to support and disseminate emerging artistic practices.

Some notable events since 2018:

HeHe Planet Lab (Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen), 2018

– Zero Gravity, Records – Digital Imaginations Biennale, 2019

– You Made Your Home in the Chest of My Skull, Jane Susplugas, 2020

– Iris Numériques #2, Julie Desmet Weaver – Laurent Bazin, 2021

Practical information

Light, space and time

From October 9 to December 19, 2021

free entry

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2 rue du Rempart Saint-Lazare – 84000 Avignon – 04 32 74 05 31


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