Avian influenza: an eighth outbreak detected in a poultry farm in Gers

An outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1 was confirmed on 16 December at a ready-to-force-feed duck farm located in Manset Town, Gires Province. This is the first poultry outbreak detected in the southwest since the outbreak of the epidemic last winter that severely affected this region.

In accordance with health department rules, the Gers home has been evacuated and preemptively disinfected today. A protection zone (3 km) and an observation zone (10 km) were established around the house by the governor. In order to control the risks of spreading the virus, the movement of poultry is prohibited in these areas as strict sanitary measures must be observed.

The preventive displacement of farms that are epidemiologically linked to contaminated farms will be carried out: it is about other farmers in tents. A precautionary evacuation will also be conducted from 5 palm plantations located within 3 km around this outbreak. The goal is to limit the spread of the virus.

This is the eighth outbreak in breeding that France has recorded on its soil, including 7 outbreaks in the North Province (H5N1), of which 11 cases have been added in wildlife (H5N1) and three cases in the backyard (H5N8) in the Capital Territory.

Avian influenza viruses continue to be actively spread in Europe by migratory birds. 29 countries across the European continent are now affected, which have nearly 400 outbreaks in breeding and 700 cases in wildlife.

Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture and Food, once again calls on all professional sectors, hunters and individuals who keep birds to exercise extreme vigilance, and strictly respect preventive measures against influenza. Birds and report without delay any suspicion to the health authorities in the department.

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In order to prevent a new epidemic of bird flu, a road map was drawn up last July with specialists in the poultry sector. This roadmap in particular made it possible to develop management rules aimed at better anticipating crisis situations (renewal governance, pre-determined management scenario).

As a reminder, the consumption of meat, foie gras, eggs – and in general any food product made from poultry – poses no risk to humans.


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