Autumn Nations Series 2021: Which announcers for the fall rugby tour?

Teams from the Southern Hemisphere return to Europe to challenge teams from the Northern Hemisphere.

The COVID-19 pandemic has modified the 2020 international calendar cards. Countries in the Southern Hemisphere have not made the trip due to travel restrictions. To save the finances of the major European federations, the members of the six countries decided to abandon trial matches and launch a new eight-team competition, Autumn Nations Cup 2020, incorporating Georgia and Fiji.

This year, the trial matches between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere nations return, culminating in the highly-anticipated France-New Zealand match on Saturday, November 20 at the Stade de France.

TV rights center

Since last year, television and marketing rights for the six member federations in the six nations have been centralized by the tournament’s commercial company with the aim of increasing revenue. However, unlike the UK where Amazon will be the exclusive broadcaster for the 17 matches, there will be three broadcasters in France. Autumn Nations Series 2021 Because of some previous decades that have not expired yet.

Blue matches against France 2

The exclusive broadcaster of the 15th November Test matches of France for several decades, France 2 Fabian Galletti will present 3 live blues matches: France-Argentina on Saturday 6 November at 9pm, France-Georgia on Sunday 14 November at 2pm, and the France-New Zealand shock on Saturday 20 November at 9pm. Viewers will find the duo Mathieu Lartot – Dimitri Yachvilli in the comments with Cécile Grès on the field.

With the recent centralization of television rights, the general group could lose in the medium term the broadcast of matches at home from XV to France, and this is clearly not part of the list of events of great importance to broadcast. The mass sale of European matches should interest many broadcasters who will be able to offer major international posters as well as exclusively blue matches.

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France 2 The XV de France women’s three test matches will also be broadcast on its antenna: France-South Africa on Saturday 6 November at 3pm, and the France-New Zealand double-match on Saturday 13 November and Saturday 20 November at 3pm. The three meetings will be commented on by the pair Jean Abiello – Laura de Musio accompanied by Ines Hirigoyen at the edge of the field.

Wales, Scotland and Ireland on beIN SPORTS

This year again, be in sports Wales, Scotland and Ireland matches will be broadcast at his home. Thus, the sports channel will show 11 live matches including Wales – New Zealand on Saturday at 6.15 pm, Wales – Africa on Saturday 6 November at 6.30 pm, Ireland – New Zealand on Saturday 13 November at 4.15 pm and Wales – Australia Saturday 20 November at 6.30 evening

This will be the last time be in sports Scotland matches will be shown on its channel, with the current deal expiring at the end of Round 2021. In terms of broadcasting Wales and Ireland Test matches, the contract be in sports It will expire after the Fall 2022 round.

England, Italy and the French barbarians in the channel team

the group the team It announced earlier this week that it had acquired the exclusive rights to 27 international matches for the 2021-2023 period. Broadcasting will start this fall with the three England matches and the three Italy matches.

The England and Italy matches were part of the new “central lot” because the previous television contract had expired. Autumn tour in blue team It was broadcast on rugby + In 2017 and 2018. As for the fifteenth rose, it is the group Altis (SFR Sports Then RMC Sport), which broadcast matches at home during the previous four seasons (the period 2016-2020).

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The free channel will feature six clear international posters during the first three Saturdays of November: Italy – New Zealand and England – Tonga on Saturday 6 November, Italy – Argentina and England – Australia on Saturday 13 November, Italy – Uruguay and England – South Africa Saturday 20 November.

an offer team channel It will get richer over the years thanks to the end of the old decades of be in sports. In November 2022, the sports channel will show matches for Scotland, as well as England and Italy. Then in the summer of 2023, the team The 2023 World Cup pre-season matches for England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy and Wales will be broadcast exclusively.

In addition to England and Italy, team channel The test match of the French Barbarians against Tonga will also be broadcast on Saturday 13th November at 4pm.

The full TV program of Autumn Nations 2021:

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