Autumn is the season of all dangers for the dog

Cold and rain awaken arthritis pain in some of us. This also applies to your four-legged friend. As in humans, the joints become more painful. When you go out, feel free to walk your dog before running it. His knuckles will warm gently. And then … the jacket on your pet’s back can also be useful, if he kisses it.

If you go out into the woods, the risks are numerous. Mushrooms, chestnuts, walnuts and other berries can be toxic and cause serious digestive and nervous disorders. The same for pine cones. It rolls, it’s fun, but if he swallows it, the danger is real. The husks can damage your pet’s digestive system or even cause an intestinal blockage if he tries to swallow them whole!

Autumn is also mushroom season. As with humans, ingestion of some poisonous mushrooms can be fatal to an animal. Your dog may already be attracted to these funny shapes and want to bite them. In addition, as the 30 Million Friends Foundation reminds us, “certain mushrooms that can be eaten by humans are dangerous to animals: this is the case, for example, oyster mushrooms or morel.” Be careful when going outside.

Also beware of ringworm. Even if this disease is caught mainly in the summer, when in contact with other animals, symptoms appear from October. Pay attention to the slightest circular lesion on your pet’s skin. There is no preventative treatment. The lotions that you will apply locally are very effective. Feel free to speak to your vet.

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Source: Destination Santé

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