Aussieroise accredited Nadig Bossian-Prot represents France at the World Games in Birmingham (USA)

World Games with an Olympic flavor

There are 223 events in the 2022 World Games list (July 7-17, 2022), in Birmingham (USA). They represent 58 majors, in 34 sports, all non-Olympic. Petanque (double shooting and accuracy) and boule lyonnaise (accuracy and progressive shooting) are part of the game, exclusively for women. The eight countries that qualified in Petanque (France, Cambodia, Thailand, USA, Canada, Denmark, Germany and Belgium) are the ones with the best overall numbers for each event during the last tournaments and the World Cup. Regarding the format of the doubles match, which will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, two groups of four teams will be formed, and the first two groups from each group will qualify for the semi-finals.

unprecedented double

Nadej Possian-Prot will be associated on this occasion with Caroline Buriod (23), who finished third at the last World Games (2017 in Poland) with Anna Maillard. It would be an unprecedented three-color duo: “We’ve never played with Caroline, but we love each other. She’ll be a great first. I love her determination, her competitive side and her kindness.” Someone you can count on, we’re on the same wavelength, at a similar level. We are going there to perform. I’ll start by pointing out but we are both very versatile, can change along the way. ‘,” offers Auxerroise by adoption, and is licensed in Gordon (Lot).

Aussierouz Nadej Bausian-Proatt finished second in the 2021 FIFA World Cup Final

Platform goal

“The level is good. This season, I’ve won two championships, played three nationals (one win) and qualified for the French Championship for triples and my doubles, while I’m already a head-to-head defender and I also participate regularly. In the departmental competitions in Yonne, with the men thus at a slightly higher level. The goal is to bring a medal back home, after that the steel ball is still, on the day of the landing anything can happen…”

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Nadej Bossian Prout

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