Aurec-sur-Loire: a water area instead of a swimming pool planned for summer 2022

The municipality of Loire Semène decided to convert the outdoor pool in Aurec-sur-Loire into a water recreation area in the recreation area on the banks of the Loire River.

Local authorities are now choosing to establish aquatic centers to meet the expectations of the residents.

Opposite the water amenities, the outdoor pool no longer arouses the same interest among the residents. The number of visitors to the Aurec-sur-Loire pool has been steadily declining, notably due to frequent chaos, despite the implementation of a deterrent pricing policy and enhanced monitoring. The implementation of these new directions made it possible to return to calm in the ponds, but increased the budget deficit of the swimming pool (92,000 euros loss for 2019).

The democratization of private pools has had a real impact on pool use. In Orik, private swimming pools have exploded. Today, few building permits do not include a private swimming pool.

All of these developments led to a rethink of the aquatic show.

Modern and fun around the water

According to a national study conducted by UNAF in 2016, 85% of families like to spend time with family (parents/children) during their holidays and in their spare time. 73% said they wanted to enjoy leisure activities with their children and 45% said they wanted to participate in sports. If children did activities with other adults, 69% would be grandparents.

The goal, then, is to provide a fun space for families. A solution adopted by elected officials is to create an outdoor platform for water sports. This children’s park will complement the display in the area, i.e. the bathing areas already under supervision, the Saint-Didier-en-Velay pool and swimming in the Loire at Aurec.

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This safe space will welcome families during the summer period, where 0-3 year olds can explore water in all its forms and 3-12 year olds can play, splash and skate without the risk of drowning.

“There are no such facilities in the Haute-Loire, they fit naturally into the landscape of the present shows and complement the services offered in the Leisure Center (the supervised bathing area of ​​the Loire, the disembarkation of the canoe…).

Engineering and Works are planned for 2021 and 2022 and to open to the public in July 2022. The cost is estimated at €700,000.

Instead of the current swimming pool

It will be installed on the existing site of the pool, allowing the architectural design of the structure to be retained. All outbuildings (reception, changing rooms, bathrooms) will be reused.

The water treatment system will also be reused and will be suitable for games, reducing investment.

The location of the complexes will serve as a place for future playgrounds, and their current forms will also be preserved, which makes it possible to remember the history of the place.

Water discovery space: 0-3 years

Provide a space dedicated to early childhood, safe, without the risk of drowning and suitable for young children. This space will take place in the existing paddling pool.

Playgrounds in which children from 0 to 3 years old can play in complete safety are not well developed in our territory. This arrangement will provide a real added value to the equipment.

Aquatics area: 3-12 years old

Covering an area of ​​500 square meters, it will be the “main” structure of the park. It will be majestic and visible from afar in height. It can include several slides (for children) and will be supplemented with several water games.

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This space will be for children up to 12 years old, but the whole family can meet there, come and play together. The water bucket is set high creating a regular event, where everyone finds themselves when they empty themselves into the structure

The current slide can be restored to complete the sliding display.

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