Attack on the house of the Jordanian ambassador in Khartoum

RIYADH: The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a joint statement with the United States, published via Twitter on Friday, that the situation in Sudan has improved since Wednesday, May 24, when serious violations of the ceasefire were observed.

“As MHMediators, Saudi Arabia and the United States noted improved compliance with the agreement on a short-term ceasefire and humanitarian arrangements in #Sudan on May 25.”

The two sides agreed to a ceasefire signed on May 20, 2023, following talks in Jeddah. But in the days that followed, a series of violent clashes took place, and gunshots were heard in the Sudanese capital on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, however, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Kingdom and MHThe US mediators fear that neither side will honor its commitment “not to seek any military advantage during the forty-eight hours following the signing of the agreement.”

Friday’s press release explained, “Although it was notedH Using military aircraft and sniper fire in Khartoum, the situation has improved since May 24 when the ceasefire monitoring regime noted significant violations of the agreement.

The statement added that the violations included “the use of artillery, warplanes and drones,” explaining that there were “reliable reports of air strikes and continuous clashes in the heart of the industrial zone in Khartoum.” The clashes were in Zalingei, Darfur.

The statement also said that following the massive violations that occurred on May 24, US and Saudi officials informed the warring parties that civilian lives were endangered by violations that impeded humanitarian aid.

The United States and Saudi Arabia continued to say that they had warned both sides of further violations, and demanded that they respect the cease-fire. “any HYouH appliedH. “

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The statement goes on to explain that on 25 May, “humanitarian responders delivered urgently needed medical supplies to several locations in Sudan.” Maintenance teams have also been able to carry out basic repair work to restore telecommunications services in Khartoum and other parts of Sudan.

“theyHEl Diator summon parties in public relationsHAnd so to continue progressingHPositive on May 25 for the remainder of the short-term ceasefire, and fulfill their obligations under the May 11 Declaration to abide by to Protection of civilians in Sudan.

The text called on the two parties to “put the needs of the Sudanese people first, and to respect the terms agreed upon only a few days ago.”

Saudi Arabia and the United States are urging parties in public relationsHAnd then respect their obligations under the cease-fire agreement and take the necessary measures to The statement concluded by facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aid and restoring basic services.

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