Attack on journalists in Haiti | One survivor said gangs were “much better than arming the police”.

(Port-au-Prince) ‘Bullets were shooting’: Sole survivor of the attack in which two Haitian journalists were murdered Thursday by a gang in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince, Wellman-Ville is now hiding out in fear of ‘discovered’ by these criminal gangs, according to Unexpected Networks .

Amelia Barron
France media agency

Accompanied by Wilgins Louisan and Amy John Wesley, Wellman Phil, as part of a report, advanced on foot Thursday on a dry river bed in the heart of the mountain overlooking the Haitian capital.

They are all revealed, as they are targeted at the end of the morning by a gang that wants to take control of this rural area that has become a strategy to reach the southern half of Haiti.

“The bullets were shooting, they were shooting nonstop,” Willman recalled Phil in a phone interview on Saturday.

The 31-year-old reporter managed to take cover under the trees on the beach, climbing a section of the mountain, sheltered by peasants, to whom he explains his ordeal.


“They made me sit down and I took my phone to call Amadi,” who has been working with him for a decade.

“I asked him where he was and he said ‘The guys have captured me, and I’m with them,'” online media worker RL reported.

Then Willman Phil heard his fellow gang members pleading to spare him and Louisan Wilgins.

Amadi kept telling them ‘We are not bandits, we are journalists. We came to prepare a report,” recalls Wellman, who put his phone on loudspeaker “so that all the peasants present could [de lui] You can also listen.”

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But bursts reverberated at the end of the line and the survivor then realized that he must flee as quickly as possible.

“The people of the area gave me clothes so that I could change and go more discreetly,” said the journalist, who put the residents in a small house.

“Along the way, I saw armed men who had already climbed on the rooftops and were looking for me,” he explains in a very fast voice.

Realizing that it is too dangerous to protect a person wanted by gangs, agricultural workers find a motorbike taxi driver who they can infiltrate with a local elected official outside the area controlled by armed gangs.

‘Better armed than the police’

The reporter saw safe and sound that his daily calm was deteriorating.

” My daughter [de 4 ans] He tells me she’s scared and that she’s not asleep,” sighs Wellman who lives with his family in a third-party house, because he’s afraid “of spies who might be in gangs.” [son] Piece “.

The journalist knows the workings of the gangs who interviewed them on numerous occasions to report.

“These guys are very strong,” he says. “I saw how they work in the ghettos.”

“They have so many guns and people who work with them, people that one can never say they’re in a gang,” warns Wellman.

Shocked after the deaths of two of his colleagues, he heads to the Judicial Police to testify, but has little hope of seeing the killers answer for their actions.

“They know who the men are and the police know where they are: They even have their phone numbers,” Wellman-Feel says.

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He is a fatalist, and believes that even if there was a will, the Haitian police would not be able to drive the gangs out of the lands they occupied, because they are “better armed than the police.”

Without naming them, the 30-man denounces the responsibility of powerful figures in Haiti who are mired in the current security chaos.

He insists, “I am not defending the bandits, they are guilty, but the politicians and the private sector in Haiti are also guilty, because the men in the ghettos do not have the money to buy themselves the kind of weapons that I saw in their hands.”

Wellman Phil plans to go into exile to save his family, and regrets that “his country really ended because of banditry.”

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