Attack on Capitol Hill: Court authorizes transfer of Trump documents to Congress

Donald Trump cannot prevent the transmission to Congress of White House documents that could implicate him in the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.

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This decision paves the way for hundreds of pages of documents to be transferred to a parliamentary committee tasked with shedding light on the former president’s role in this attack. However, the court left him for fourteen days to appeal to the United States Supreme Court.

The Republican billionaire wants to keep these archives secret, including the lists of people who visited or contacted him that day, a parliamentary committee claimed.

This House “Special Committee” was formed to assess the role played by Donald Trump and his entourage in the partisan-led assault on the Congressional seat, when elected officials confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

The former president, who denies any responsibility for the attack, has denounced a “political game” and refuses to cooperate. He went to court in the name of the executive branch’s privilege to keep his communications confidential, even in the event of subpoena by Congress.

After conflicting initial rulings, an appeals court ruled Thursday that it had no reason to oppose the ruling of current White House tenant Joe Biden, which allowed national archives’ governments to submit these documents to Congress.

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Judge Patricia Millett of the Federal Court of Appeals wrote: “In this case, a rare and powerful combination of factors supports making the documents in question public (…) given the need to investigate and address the unprecedented and violent attack on Congress.” in Washington.

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