Athletes and businessmen meet at the French Embassy

On Thursday 29 June, Business France organized the UK France 2030 event, bringing together British entrepreneurs and top athletes for an afternoon of sports meetings and workshops. The gardens of the Residence of France near Kensington were the setting for this celebration of the friendly rivalry between the British and the French.

Getting close to Rugby World Cup In France in the fall and Olympic Games And Paralympics In Paris in 2024, the announcement of these major sporting events provided the perfect opportunity to bring the French and the British together in a friendly way. Under the rising sun, in the company of distinguished guests such as Claude Makelele And Matteo FlaminiAthletes and businessmen participate in various sporting activities.

Camille BentotPolitical Counselor at the French Embassy in the United Kingdom, confirmed: “We are proud to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France this autumn and look forward to welcoming no less than four British teams and of course their supporters. Then we turn to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024, where we hope to repeat the successes of London 2012.”

Business France supports French and British sports projects

during this event, Lauren St. MartinDirector general business in France, highlighted the importance of creating links between business and sport. According to him, these two areas share common values ​​and require teamwork and a collective strategy. He said: “We all know here that the relationship between these two subjects is very deep.

Laurent Saint-Martin and Geraldine Felipe with C.Makelele at the French Embassy.

Business France, which has already been involved in international missions to promote the internationalization of French companies, sees the Rugby World Cup 2023 as a unique opportunity to further these efforts. Thanks to Business Cluborganized in nine French cities with different rugby clubs, The aim is to allow companies to meet important partners and establish contacts during this global event. Supports the CEO.

The presence of regional representatives during this day indicates the common conviction between Business France and the French regions that sport and business are destined to coexist. Laurent Saint-Martin reiterated the importance of inclusion by saying: “The sport a la capacité unique de rassembler les gens, quelles que soient leur origine, leur nationalité ou leurs capacités. We encourage diversities and nous nous evorçons de garantir que chacun ait l’opportunité de participer et de réussir in the sport and les Affairs.”

Coexistence and matches between bi-national athletes

Among the highlights of the day was the undeniable cohabitation that prevailed in Kensington Gardens. Entrepreneurs mingle with athletes to play volleyball, table tennis, or even a soccer match. Camille Pintot had announced at the beginning of the afternoon: “If you want to show Claude Makelele your best quirks, this is the chance not to be missed!”

In addition, Business France teams invited Diageo Bar And in the biscuit and ice cream shop Ducasse To allow guests to get together for a drink. This successful evening enabled Business France to prove this, according to Laurent Saint-Martin “Success in sports and business is not just about winning medals or putting on perfect performances. It is about fostering a culture where athletes and individuals celebrate diversity and have a positive impact on society.”

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