At the Île de Batz, the Île Debating Society provides a space for expression – Roscoff

L’Île Debates is an association born out of the initiative of Anne Derayson when she was running for the municipal elections in Ile-de-Patz in 2020. She has promoted and organized participatory meetings. “People were happy. They told me it’s nice to be able to express yourself freely even when you don’t agree.”

A place and moments of expression

And in order to please everyone, she therefore wants to continue this project and provide a space in which she can give her honest opinion. We must educate the need for exchange. But on the island, there is little space for communication,” she explains. The association aims to “identify a place and moments dedicated to expression.”

Ann Derayson intends to educate residents about the “importance of making connections” so that everyone is “a doer, not just a consumer of their land.” All permanent residents of Batz were invited there, as well as owners of second homes who periodically live on the island, because “everyone is concerned with these issues.”

First meeting in September

The meetings to be organized will address a variety of topics, such as town planning, island habitat or island economic activity, in reference to much broader topics related to citizenship and democracy. The goal is to reflect on the island’s present and future to make it a dynamic, attractive and environmentally conscious area. The meetings should function ‘like a suggestion box’ and will above all be an opportunity to ‘take the time to listen and get to know each other’.

The first meeting should be organized in September 2021.

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