At least 83 people died after Hurricane Ian

Between Wednesday, September 28 and Friday, September 30, 2022, after Hurricane Ian passed through the southeast of the country, the number continues to rise in the United States. At least 83 people died, and the toll is expected to rise. keeps retreating. The damage must be in the billions of dollars.

This is an alarming number that must continue to grow. Hurricane Ian hit the southeastern United States between Wednesday, October 28 and Friday, October 30, 2022, killing at least 83 people in the country.

The water continues to drain causing extensive damage. Entire neighborhoods were destroyed by wind or water and houses were swept away. Rescuers are still searching for victims.

According to initial estimates, the damage caused by this storm will be in the billions of dollars. Hurricane Ian hit the Gulf Coast with sustained winds of about 150 miles per hour.

More heavy rain is likely

More than 700,000 businesses and homes were without power Sunday afternoon in Florida, where more than two million residents have been without power since the start.

The National Hurricane Center is warning that more heavy rain could fall in parts of neighboring states, West Virginia and western Maryland, and that there is a risk of “record flooding” in the center from Florida.

Joe and Jill Biden will travel to Florida on Wednesday to assess the damage. Earlier, they will travel to Puerto Rico, which was hit by Hurricane Fiona in September.

Three deaths in Cuba

Three people died in Cuba, which was hit hard by Hurricane Ian on Tuesday. Extensive damage was seen in the west of the country and the entire population of 11.2 million people found themselves in the dark after widespread power outages.

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Power was restored to 94% of homes in Havana on Saturday after two days of protests in several districts of the capital.

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