at COP26 | 12 unions defended nuclear power, including Canadians

(Paris) “We need more nuclear power”: 12 unions from several countries explained at a forum Friday that this energy is “clean, reliable and affordable” and that it keeps jobs while the climate crisis is currently at stake. The heart of COP26 in Glasgow.

“Our world needs cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy, and our members need safe, high-quality jobs. Nuclear shows alike, which is why we need more nuclear weapons,” the twelve signatories write.

“Getting off nuclear power doesn’t work.”

Organizations represented in the open letter published in Glasgow include the Canadian Council of Nuclear Workers, International Brotherhood of Electric Workers (IBEW, in English, present in Canada and the US), GMB, Prospect, Unite the Union (UK) and CFE- CGC Énergies, CFE-CGC Métallurgie (France), Fédération Énergie (Belgium), Odborovy svaz ECHO (Czech Republic), EVDNZ (Hungary), SCNE (Romania), ZOES (Slovakia).

“Getting off nuclear power doesn’t work,” he still wrote in the Tribune. “It increases emissions and costs jobs.”

Nuclear power has already saved 70 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions2 around the world and providing clean energy to hundreds of millions of people. Above all, it is our only source of clean, 24/7 electricity, no matter the weather.

Excerpt from the open letter published by the 12 unions.

“Without new investment, more than 100 gigawatts of nuclear power, which supplies 200 million homes, will be lost by 2040. This will likely cost us half a million jobs and represent the largest loss of energy.” Especially with world history,” they still explain.

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“COP26 is an opportunity for policy makers to choose zero-emissions energy, good career opportunities and sustainable prosperity. It is about choosing nuclear energy as part of a balanced energy system,” they say.

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