Assets, participating brands… We tell you all about this English Black Friday to find good deals before the sale

December 26, also called Boxing Day across the canal, marks the start of sales in England. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Across the channel, December 26 marks the start of post-Christmas sales. And the tradition goes back more than 150 years… Interpretations.

In the United Kingdom, the day of December 26 is sacred. A public holiday since 1871 in English-speaking countries, the so-called “Boxing Day” is now a day of sales. Did you not know this special day? Then you have come to the right place. The origin, the history, the brands involved…we reveal it all below.

Boxing Day: The Origins of a Historical History

There are two hypotheses regarding the origin of “Boxing Day” in England, and both relate to the donation of gifts that are distributed to the poorest over the Christmas holidays.

The first relates that – during the reign of Queen Victoria – “Christmas boxes” full of small gifts and leftovers were distributed to servants and workers of wealthy families, often forced to work on December 25. It was some kind of Christmas bonus.

The second theory assumes that “Boxing Day” was born from alms boxes placed in churches during the month of December. Donations were collected from parishes there and distributed by church members to the poorest people on December 26. A history that makes sense when we know that Boxing Day is the feast of Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr and a figure known for her charitable work.

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What is Boxing Day today?

Since 1871, Boxing Day has evolved a lot. It is still a public holiday today, until 2005 it was designated for hunting with hounds. Since the ban came into effect, it has above all become synonymous with football matches … and promotions! Like Black Friday in America, Boxing Day marks the beginning of sales in English-speaking countries.

In the UK, Boxing Day is now an organization and all major brands are involved (Getty Images)

In the UK, Boxing Day is now an organization and all major brands are involved (Getty Images)

In many countries, customers flock to stores to do shopping at discount prices: England, Scotland, Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand … In the world before Covid, some French did not hesitate. Cross the Channel to stock up on bargains in London stores. This tradition is not installed in our country but it can still be enjoyed online, on the websites of foreign brands. Don’t want to wait for the sale that will start on January 12th? Here are the brands you can take advantage of on Boxing Day.


The online sales giant had Christmas flash sales through December 23 and continues flash sales with New offers online every day.


Baskets, track pants, sweatshirts… Nike Propose Up to -40% off the last pieces Sportswear and streetwear. Real motivation to keep our good January 1st resolutions.


La Redoute spoils its members La Redoute + (the new name for the loyalty service La Redoute et Moi) with private sales active now in the program ? Discount up to -55% on women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, home, bedding, children’s and home appliances. The 30-day free trial of the software allows you to enjoy it without spending a cent.

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& Other Stories

The Swedish ultra-fashion brand launched its sales by realizing 50% off hundreds of items. What do you find our New Year’s Eve outfit or a trendy collection to start the school year?


Beautiful materials, wide and refined cuts, Cos is Ali Baba’s cave for followers of simple silhouettes. For a sharp office look or super cocoon, benefit from -50% In the women’s section where Men’s section.


Until the end of the year, Cdiscount creates a sort of Advent calendar with new promotions posted every day. TV, iPhone 11, Vacuum Cleaner, Raclette Machine… The e-merchant will meet you Daily Exclusive Offers.

Cath Kids

It’s hard to be more British. With her Liberty and animal prints, Cath Kidszone transports us into a very relaxing world, worthy of a Christmas movie. Cups, pajamas, backpacks… It’s hard not to fall into them These cool pieces appear up to -60% off..


The French brand does not strictly participate in Boxing Day, but has already taken a little lead in winter sales with the show The second product at -40% off all ready-made clothes.

Michael Kors

Do you want to use New Year’s gifts to treat yourself to a new bag or a beautiful watch? Michael Kors offers huge promotions on all its shelves.


British Sephora starts the new year with Promotions up to -60% On the best cosmetics brands at the moment.

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