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By John Riversat | On 06/14/2022 at 16:34 | Updated on 06/14/2022 at 17:11

The second round of legislative elections will take place this weekend. The French in 11 constituencies abroad have until noon tomorrow (Paris time) to vote online.

Electronic voting for the French legislative elections will be suspended tomorrow at noon. From Friday, June 10, French foreigners residing in eleven constituencies abroad will be able to submit their ballot papers. Diplomatic Base of France.

Abroad, for the first round of the 2022 Assembly elections, 17.32% of the vote was cast digitally. This is 22.51% overall or 77.49% did not vote. The 3rd tier of French population living abroad, including those in the British Isles and Northern Europe, has an average participation of 28.60%.

Statistics from 2017 show that 11 constituencies received only 19.1% of the registered votes. This is a trend that has been confirmed in the 3rd round with 7 points this year. But, with such a simple dematerialized voting system, should we be happy about such a vote?

French people in Northern Europe, there is still time to vote!

France will be able to vote on the diplomatic platform until noon tomorrow (Paris time). As a reminder, the second round opposes, in the constituency of Northern Europe, Charlotte Minwell (Knobs) Alexandre Holroyd (together!). The environmental candidate, who won 31.5%, was 7 points ahead of the presidential-stamped deputy. Otherwise, go to the polls Sunday at 708 polling stations in 11 constituencies overseas.

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