Artificial Intelligence – Talk to Shakespeare, Super Mario or Jane Austen

Character Ai is a fun new tool that allows anyone to start a conversation with any living, dead, or fictional character.

This free app (only available on the web for now) will not reveal the truth to you but aims to answer your craziest questions depending on the chosen character and to make your imagination work.

Bla bla bla with a custom AI

Hundreds of these characters have been referenced. You can chat with Einstein, Shakespeare but also Super Mario, Joe Biden, Elon Musk and even Lucifer!
For discussion you have two possibilities: record your voice by clicking on the microphone or write your message.

But Ai’s personality doesn’t stop there. You can also create your own characters and talk to them or set them to “open” for others to lead the conversation.

The tool is free, you just need to register to take advantage of all the features. This AI is built from neural language models. The supercomputer reads huge amounts of text and learns to analyze what words might come next in a given situation.
do you want to try ? he is here
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