Artificial intelligence is in a frenzy – 20+ general applications

The arrival of artificial intelligence cannot easily compare with previous technological breakthroughs because, unlike inventions such as the computer, the internal combustion engine, the microscope, or the printing press, it does nothing in particular if it is not to increase the scope of nearly all of the previous ones. Technical breakthroughs.

For example, if a telescope made it possible to explore the depths of space, we would soon be overwhelmed by countless celestial bodies whose evolution and interactions we could not ultimately track. With artificial intelligence we can.

This type of situation can be found in almost all areas where large numbers are involved. Biology, humanities, physics, chemistry, politics, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, it becomes possible for us to find and create relationships that are beyond human capabilities, either in terms of production time, ability to observe, to memorize or simply persistence of interest.

Here are some recent applications of artificial intelligence, to make us dream or worry.


  • balanced – Your personal coach to improve your oral expression and presentation. Training accelerator.
  • Reading progress – AI dedicated to learning to read. Great and free


  • Clean up photos – Remove any object, blemish, person, text from a photo in seconds.
  • coloring Generates images from words, concepts and ideas. Rudimentary results, but interesting.
  • designs A special aesthetic? Here it adapts to your needs.
  • Dall-e-2 – With Open AI, create images from words, concepts, and ideas. More complex but moderate results.
  • Deep artistic influences– Convert any image or image into a specific style. Organized cultural appropriation, impressive.
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for him

  • dictation – Your speech or dictation transcribed in 130 languages ​​and dialects, live and online. by google
  • Crisp – Get rid of your contacts from everything that is not your conversation, live. embarrassed.
  • medomi – Hum a song and Midomi will find out which song it is. AI powered service for SoundHound
  • Murf. AI – Read your texts professionally and lively.
  • SoundHound Provides command interpretation by voice in all types of industries and applications.


  • Murf. AI – Read your texts professionally and lively.
  • almost – Your assistant editor. Whose inspiration? It almost does not appear.


  • deep l – The standard is currently, but the competition is getting closer
  • Translated by Google Ambitious but still weak, more than 100 languages


  • AI assembly – Transcription and analysis of audio and video documents. If you have 10 years of audio or video content to transcribe, this app is absolutely essential.
  • Make a video – like Dall-e, but for video. meta project.
  • Steve A.I – Create videos and animations from the sources of your choice
  • installation – Video clips of your texts. Dozens of avatars with realistic expressions will read your texts like real people in many languages.
  • Topaz AI – Video editing, restoration and image optimization
  • Sage cut – Edit video with the help of AI Sound, image…

video tricks

Illustration: New York By Deep artistic influences

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