Article: “United Kingdom, Country in Crisis?”

Written by Louis Frassey

In this book, researcher Clemens Forden reviews a rough-skinned model about England.

The UK and this neighborhood, at the same time, are very close and rarely leave us indifferent, and we confuse it a little more formally with the United Kingdom. However, within the latter, the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish allies, all of these people form the British state. In this book, Clemens Forden, a lecturer in English Studies at Science Po Lil, questions some of the ideas we have about the United Kingdom. “The British do nothing like everyone else”; “In the United Kingdom, you can easily find work”; “British colonialism went smoothly”ஒவ்வொரு For each of these preconceived notions, the young researcher brings historical depth and nuance in a few pages. Welcome job!

Clemens Forden, United Kingdom, country in crisis?, The Blue Rider, 2021, 176 p., € 20.

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