Army of Thieves on Netflix: The Army of the Dead prequel revealed in the first trailer

A few weeks ago, Zack Snyder revealed the first official images of the game prequel للعبarmy of the deadAnd thieves army. An opportunity to learn more about the cast and its characters. Today, thanks to the virtual release of San Diego Comic Con, fans of Ludwig Dieter, a young German specialist in wardrobes, were able to discover the first trailer for the soon-to-be-dedicated movie on the platform. . And as you can see below, the feature takes away from the apocalyptic universe in which it was filmed army of the dead To make way for big theft.

Specifically, he co-wrote the film Zack Snyder Along with Shay Hittin, we’ll take a closer look at the character played by Matthias Schweigover and recruited by a mysterious woman to join a team of criminals wanted by Interpol. Together, they will attempt to steal a series of legendary and unbreakable vaults across Europe. Acting side, the actor and principal director of the feature film will be co-starring with Nathalie Emmanuel who was recently seen in Fast and Furious 9, Robbie OV, Stuart Martin, but also Frenchman Jonathan Cohen who is mysteriously seen in these first photos. In short, it’s a great adventure that promises action and humor, soon to be discovered on Netflix!

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