Arlon: Urgent Municipal Council on the subject of Espace Leopold

The truth is very rare and must be emphasized. In Arlon, the opposition forms a united front. On April 7th, my council was requested by the Ecolo + and Pour vouS groups, which have communicated on this topic.

After the city receives offers to build the Espace Léopold, the moment of truth approaches this controversial project. Indeed, hiring the college to the companies that will do the work will make any turning back impossible. Pour vouS and Ecolo + believe that this decision must be made with complete transparency taking into account all the elements at our disposal. As such, it seems imperative for us that the results of the survey conducted by the Obse – the Environment Observatory in Arlon – in which more than a thousand Arlon participated, be discussed in the city council. Likewise, given that the site represents for the city the largest expenditure of the legislature, with an amount exceeding 15 million euros, it seems reasonable to us that the various offers are also presented to the municipal council so that the elected officials can give an opinion on the choice that the college should make. That is why, according to Article L1122-12 of the Law on Local Democracy and Decentralization, the elected representatives of the Ecolo + and Pour vouS groups on Monday, in the hands of the City Manager, gave notice of a letter from the City Council meeting on Wednesday April 7, 2021 at 7:00 pm“Can we read?”

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