Arles: Espace Toros opens for six days of entertainment

According to a tradition established for many years, before the meetings of the Feria du Riz, the last major event of the Place de Arles, the Espace Toros, where it can be seen, at the site of Gimeaux, the Via Saintes -Maries -de-la-Mer, the toros game that will run on the 11th and 12th September, a whole series of activities await the audience.

This Saturday, until Thursday 8 September, for six days, in the portico of the Places of Arles, chemin du Sonnaillier, towards Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, the Espace toros will receive, free of charge, the wide audience. Come for the many activities shown individually or with the family.

The Camargue race has been in the spotlight since its opening

For this new edition, which precedes the traditional rice feria and Spanish bullfighting proposals, several disciplines will be in the spotlight. On this opening day, from 5 pm, before the official opening of the meeting session, the Camargue race will be scheduled, with the participation of the school of raseteurs from Arles in front of the bulls of the white herd.

Manad Tibod Bulls on Wednesday 7th September

Between the bulls and the performances of young men in white, the other meetings will take place, in the small arenas of the Espace, on Monday 5 September at 6 pm and on Wednesday 7 September twice on the same day, at 3 pm and 6 pm. , this time with the residents of Manad Tebud.

Rich program for bullfighting school students

For Spanish bullfighting, menu is generous too. On Sunday 4 September, at midday and then at 4 pm, students from the bullfighting school and practical amateurs will follow each other, while on Tuesday 6 September and Thursday 8 September, at 6 pm, between Tien and Becerada, young novice bullfighters who will face Arles “Wings” ganaderia Giraud. Opportunity to see in action those who, perhaps, will one day parade in garb of light in front of the public Vera and on the runway track of the city.

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