Are your receipts directly available in your banking space?

What if you receive receipts not by e-mail, but in your banking area? That’s what KillBills would like to democratize, while the paper receipt is set to disappear on August 1st to make way for its digital counterpart. As mentioned BFM TVWith this proposal, the French startup intends to secure the process for the client. “We chose the banking space because it is the most secure and logical space because it is associated with expense management. Thanks to this device, the customer has nothing to do but no third-party app to download or a QR code to scan,” said KillBills co-founder Syed Ahmed Sheikh Blade , for Tech & Co.

In practice, customers will receive their receipts immediately after purchases in their bank space. A receipt is still necessary if you wish to refund or exchange an item. KillBills hopes to develop several partnerships with major retailers, banks and other cash register software in order to bring this service to as many people as possible. “It is easier for a brand to integrate with a representative who has access to everything than to ally with all the banks one by one,” offers Syed Ahmed Sheikh Blade.


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Even then, the French company that specializes in managing expense reports aimed to become the European leader in managing digital receipts. As BFMTV reminds us, the end of the paper receipt, which is estimated to be 3 seconds old, was scheduled to take place on April 1, but due to persistent inflation, the government decided to postpone it to August 1.

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