Are you excited to remake old games?

Earlier this week, Remedy announced that it is bringing back the first two Max Payne games. It’s the beginning, but it’s the kind of ad that fans of original titles dream about. In fact, remakes of classic games are increasingly common as our nostalgia for earlier console generations grows. On top of that, remasters can be a great way to bring new players into an existing franchise.

What we’re saying is that remanufacturing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. When you think about the amount of emotion that surrounded the revelation Final Fantasy VII RemakeFor example, it’s easy to see why publishers are keen to search the back catalog.

But remanufactures don’t always satisfy everyone, as might be expected. Even a highly rated remake, like Devil spirits On PlayStation 5, fans can scold you for taking some creative liberties. Developing a new, popular version of an already loved game can be very difficult: there is a file very A fine line between updating an old title for a modern audience and stripping what made it special in the first place.

And so we have to ask ourselves: Do you like recycling? Do you love when your favorite games from last year are recreated? Vote in our polls, then expand your opinion in the comments section below.

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