Are the US and the Central African Republic discussing the withdrawal of Wagner’s Russian mercenaries?

According to these media, Washington would have offered to train Central African officers for its army and increase its humanitarian aid in exchange for the withdrawal of Wagner’s troops from the country. Washington reportedly presented the proposal – in note form – to President Tutera during the US-Africa summit in Washington last December.

The information has been denied in recent days. As for Banky, this is misinformation. ” People talk too much about what they don’t know “, replied the Central African Foreign Minister Sylvie Bibo-Démon. However, the discussions, she admits that there is an established cooperative relationship with Washington, and she said that she works in friendship, and for some time, with the United States, which she has visited on several occasions in recent years.

I didn’t get the memo Presidential Spokesperson Albert Yalok Mokbeam responded to the post, which he considers a smear campaign against the Central African Republic. He recalled that the US ambassador in Bangui had denied the information.

America” Respect the sovereignty of the CAR The US Embassy writes on social media that rumors of ultimatums and embassy closures are false.

True or false, the controversy comes as the United States tries to rein in a growing Russian paramilitary presence on the continent. It also passed new sanctions against Wagner, including freezing assets held by the paramilitary group in the United States.

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