Are side effects of RNA vaccines “dangerous”?

The safety of mRNA vaccines remains a major concern for non-vaccinators—and others. So it’s this reader who sends us this question:

“Being personally confident in mRNA vaccines, I hear in addition to voices opposing the lack of perspective (although!!!), a number of criticisms about negative post-vaccination effects that may seem dangerous to some. Have you published an article detailing these effects or do we ( again) Are we facing the Chimera?”

Evan Bandele, science journalist at Flux santé, responded. Dear reader, thank you for writing to us about this. You are not alone in skeptical about messenger RNA vaccines. We do not have an article that lists all the side effects, which will not be very useful, but we have published it Long summary in January.

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This is a good start, because six months into the vaccination campaigns, things have changed only on the sidelines: the safety profile of RNA vaccines is still very good. Some rare effects have appeared, but we shouldn’t decry any real nasty surprises. Let’s take a closer look.

to start. Here is a list of rare side effects:

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