Arcade should worry because Netflix is ​​also launching in games

If you are an Android user, you may have noticed: A new tab has appeared in the Netflix app. Neither for series nor for movies, it offers to download five new games for those who already have a paid package on the platform. To be entitled to it, you must therefore subscribe for at least 8.99 € per month for the most expensive package (with standard image quality and one user). at no additional cost.

iPhones will also be compatible, but no release date has been set in this regard. patience…

Here is a list of the top five games available on Netflix Games.

Stranger Things: 1984

The first title, edited by BonusXP, offers the following pitch:

Go on exciting missions with Hopper and the kids, from Hawkins to The Upside Down, in this retro adventure full of surprises. • Back in 1984. Experience the action-adventure game our heroes could have played in their time. • Discover Hawkins and its surroundings. Find your favorite sites like Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins National Laboratory. Discover new places you haven’t seen before! • Solve puzzles using each character’s unique abilities. Lucas can hit anything with his slingshot. Nancy this time has at her disposal a whole set of bats. • Collect all the pancakes and garden figurines you find. You never know what they might open.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

As with the first game, the topic here captures the summary of the successful Netflix series Weird things. Twelve characters can be played, and it looks like the success is already there since the work earned an overall rating of 4.2/5 a few days after its release (out of 345 reviews at the time of writing). The gameplay is completely different from puzzle tales, of the same amount deducted.

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Do you have any other information about this event?

From Studio Frosty Pops. A short video trailer is better than a long one:

You will notice that the game was already available on the App Store. As of now, however, it’s no longer listed there, perhaps to avoid competing with the show now included with Netflix.

card blast

card game. to find out more, You can read the rules here, accompanied by the first pictures.

oscillate (up)

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