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New York, June 8, 2021 / CNW / -Aqara, a provider of smart home products, announces that Aqara’s HubM1S will be sold inAmazon in the United States As of June 8, 2021. HubM1S is the updated version of the original Aqara Hub, equipped with the latest hardware and software technology from Aqara.

HubM1S is Aqara’s new generation smart home control center. Like other Aqara control centers, it connects Zigbee devices to Wi-Fi and manages and controls smart scenarios and smart devices such as ports and switches.

Compared to the control center originally provided by Acara, HubM1S supports the latest Zigbee3.0 protocol with improved stability, compatibility, and responsiveness. It can support up to 128 devices*, which is 4 times the previous generation.

The HubM1S is equipped with a powerful built-in 2W amplifier with multiple ringtones and built-in RGB lighting with configurable brightness and color. The speaker and RGB lighting can be used in a variety of ways, including a siren, doorbell, alarm clock, or in various home automation applications that can be configured as visual or audio cues. In addition, the M1S model is equipped with a fully functional light sensor that can be used in home automation applications using the AqaraHome app.

Here are other features of Aqara HubM1S:

  • Compatibilitymy worldAqara Connected devices are compatible with large smart home automation systems and other voice assistance systems, such as AppleHomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, Household** and IFTTT and more;
  • Connectivit WiFi Amulor أمل: has a stronger MIMO2x2 Wi-Fi antenna, allowing for a faster and more reliable connection;
  • Focus on security: Supports 4 HomeKit alarm modes;
  • Excellent components and designNot only is this a subtle addition to the interior of any room, it also increases the M1S’s reliability by ensuring consistent airflow through its large perforated base.
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On the occasion of the launch of HubM1S, Aqara is offering a 15% discount on the new product sold on the platformAmazon in the United States. Code M1SHUBSM1 gives you access to an exclusive discount. Offer valid until June 11, 2021.

Acara’s HubM1S will also be available to Canadian consumers in the coming weeks through the Acara platform.Amazon in Canada.

*To connect up to 128 devices, repeater devices such as a smart plug or wall switch (with a neutral function) are required.

** MiHome support may not be available at launch time and will be added through a future update.


Founded in 2016, Aqara is a leading supplier of smart home automation products with NewYork offices and Shenzhen. We provide advanced smart home solutions and products that are affordable, easy to use and stylish. Our product offerings combine a variety of sensors, switches, curtain controllers and door locks. We have opened more than 400 Home Aqar Points of Sale all over the world in order to provide more personalized smart solutions to our customers.

We continue to expand our global presence to the United States, European Union, Russia, Southeast Asia, Korea and China. Our online devices are used in 192 countries and regions by more than 2 million users. We aspire to bring smart home technology to every family in the world.

To learn more, we invite you to consult our Website and subscribe to our social media accounts.

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Aqara, a company that provides smart home products, has announced that the HubM1S from Aqara will be sold on the Amazon platform in the United States starting June 8, 2021. HubM1S is the updated version of the original Aqara Hub, a …

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