Apruve is expanding the automated platform for credit and debits in China

IbrovToday, the leading US company that specializes in automating long-tail credit and accounts receivable (A / R) for global companies, announced that it has expanded its solutions to the Chinese market.

Apruve enables organizations to reduce the time and resources used to manage their small and large accounts. With the expansion of Apruve’s global credit network solution and the internationalization of the Apruve payment platform, global companies can now offer Chinese customers a streamlined digital transaction experience with daily sales receivables updated (Days Due Sales, DSO) by paying their bills every night.

“Last year we saw a significant increase in the number of corporate customers who were in need of an automated digital payment solution for international markets,” said Michael Noble, CEO of Apruve. “They try to balance the challenges of escalating risk and business complexity, with the transition to managing highly distributed A / R operations and achieving their international growth goals. By expanding our customizable solutions to China, we are improving process efficiency, and helping remove some of the key barriers to doing business. Business in this market. ”

Platform improvements build on Apruve’s credit and accounts receivable capabilities, including the introduction of yen and US dollar transactions, multilingual invoices and buyer portals, improved control over exchange rates and deadlines, and the location of invoices. Apruve’s business process automation software is deployed in more than 40 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

“Apruve provides companies with direct international sales channels who often have recurring payment volumes a way to streamline these long-term transactions, allowing them to take back time to focus on high-value customers,” said Mr. Noble. “Our flexible currency control, reduction of overnight DSOs through bill financing and our multinational capabilities allow clients to see the ROI of Apruve solutions quickly.”

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About Apruve

Apruve enables large companies to automate long-term credit and A / R so that organizations can stop spending 80% of their time and resources on 20% of their revenue. Companies that incorporate Apruve can cut back on DSOs for a day, improve customer service and increase cash flow. To reclaim the time your teams have to focus on higher value-added activities, visit //www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/products/ https://apruve.com.

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