April letter raised concern about collapsed Florida building

The building that collapsed near Miami, causing the deaths of a number of its residents, has suffered an “accelerated” deterioration, alerted in April the president of the Association of Common Owners of this building in Florida, in a letter issued on Tuesday by several American media.

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$15 million in work was needed to bring up the building, which disappeared into a cloud of dust Thursday, according to an estimate from the apartment complex.

At least 11 people were killed and 150 are still missing after the dramatic collapse of the twelve-story Champlain Towers building six days ago, and questions are growing about the causes of the tragedy.

France Press agency

According to a letter dated April 9, addressed to the co-owners association by its chairman, the situation is getting worse.

In the letter, Jan Wodnecki, president of the Joint Owners Association, said that since 2018, “the process of deterioration of concrete has accelerated, and the situation of the roof has worsened significantly.”

A report on the condition of the building early in 2018 noted “significant structural damage,” as well as “cracks” in the building’s basement, according to documents released by the City of Surfside.

In this document, expert Frank Morabito writes: “The waterproofing under the edge of the pool and the vehicular access road (…) has exceeded its operational life and must therefore be completely removed and replaced,” calling for repairs to be carried out “within a reasonable time” without increasing the risk of collapse.

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“There will be a thorough and complete investigation into the causes that led to this tragedy,” Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniela Levine Cava said Monday.

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