Application “Where you are the hero” to better understand the disease

Today you have your first appointment with your neurologist. The story begins in a long hospital corridor. Accessible for a few days, the free app “My life with the Multiple Sclerosis It is defined as a “UFO in the world of health”. Presenting itself as a graphic novel “Where Are You the Hero”, it offers you to slip into shoes
injured patient Multiple sclerosis in order to better understand this disease of the nervous system, which concern 110,000 people in France, most of whom were diagnosed between 20 and 40 years old.

Diagnosis, outbreaks (the emergence of new symptoms), encounters with other patients, questions about their daily lives … At each stage of the “adventure” the user plays the scenario he wants, among the options available. “We wanted to collect all the reliable information here, even taboo questions like questions like a wheelchair or pregnancy,” explains Arnaud Gotelier, director of the association. sclerosis, who designed this app primarily for patients. “They often come out on a first date completely depressed and with no idea what their journey in care and life might look like,” continues this former 45-year-old coach, who was diagnosed in 1999. It can also be a good tool for them. “

Videos and podcasts

The app is well explained by Renaud Pennelle, that it refers to dozens of articles and videos written or featuring “health professionals expert in multiple sclerosis, from the University Hospital of Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Montpellier, Strasbourg and Toulouse.” , explains the association, which is based in Nantes.

Patient testimonial podcasts are listed because the idea of ​​this “educational and interactive” fiction is also to break the “isolation” that some patients experience. For example, practical advice is given on how to manage burnout, married life, or administrative procedures.

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