Apple Watch Series 7: Offers unveil a watch with flat bezels

If there is a product froman Apple The one that made headlines last year was her connected watch. Having become over time a health-oriented organism, it has taken on a new dimension with the Coronavirus crisis, It can even, thanks to its functions, help diagnose Covid-19. But if it was Apple Watch Series 6 – Currently available in upgrade – He was able to distinguish features such as the oxygen saturation sensor, it showed a somewhat classic design. As for the change at this level, It looks like we had to wait for its successor, the Apple Watch Series 7, which you will be able to discover through various displays.

Here, as is often the case when it comes to Apple, leaked John Prosser is to blame. And what is clearly evident when you look at these watches is that they display flat bezels, similar to the ones found on the iPhone 12., Which will thus be a precursor to an aesthetic transformation. The other news these leaks brought is Introducing a new green color among the variations that Apple offers to its product. As a reminder, this connected watch should be presented to the public next September, if we follow Apple’s usual schedule.

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