Apple was ready to roll out the red carpet for Netflix to keep App Store purchases in-app

Apple rolled out a deep, soft, deep red carpet on Netflix for its streaming service to retain the ability to subscribe directly from its iOS app. A subscription synonymous with Apple’s commission, but unfortunately not all the respect and perks the manufacturer offered was enough to get Netflix back on the right track.

After experiencing the disappearance of in-app purchases during the summer of 2018 in nearly thirty countries, Netflix completely abandoned the App Store billing system for new customers. Since then, the Netflix app has only provided a list to call the service. To subscribe, you have to go through the service website.

In an exchange of emails posted to mark the experience between Epic and Apple, we learned how Apple has gone all out to push Netflix to keep App Store subscriptions. First off by being reminded that Apple has put out more than 35 articles on Netflix on the App Store, more than any other partner.

These articles, read by 16.5 million users, resulted in a 6-7% increase in the conversion rate for downloading the app (330K downloads). Not bad, but we could do better: Since we don’t catch flies with vinegar, Apple has also suggested that we do more to bring Netflix back to their senses, even if that means lying about the beautiful promises that all developers are equal to.

Not all offers were approved by management, but it did show just how far Apple was willing to go. For example, Apple has developed the ability to provide more detailed statistics, amplify the promotion of Netflix on the App Store, give Netflix the power to decide which content will be featured, and coordinate experiences with new functionality. , To create a common subscriber. (Netflix + Apple services), to cover part of the marketing costs to recruit subscribers (Apple had purchased online ad space to promote the Netflix app), and even today in Apple’s workshops in the colors of the Netflix franchises …

Apple also put on the membership table the Video Partner program, which was secretly created to accommodate Amazon and its Prime Video service and was formalized in 2020. Like other partners, Netflix could have benefited from greater flexibility in the chosen payment system, in other words, it exempted From commission (in some cases).

All these sweets didn’t convince Netflix. In December 2018, the platform, powerful enough to live its life without the burden of the App Store payment system, permanently removed it from its app. Amidst the discussion among Apple executives, Carson Oliver, Managing Director of the App Store Business, questioned whether the manufacturer should take the Punitive sanctions Netflix. Neither the stick nor the carrot maintained the broadcast service.

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