Apple was accused of providing poorly refurbished hardware

Has Apple replaced defective models with poor-quality refurbished products? This is what the class-action filed against Cupertino says, and a trial is scheduled for this summer.

Apple, city, cat He created an aura of construction near his community thanks to his many innovations, Like the strangely connected future gloves reminiscent of the minority report. But sometimes, a manufacturer’s fan base isn’t very happy with its policy, as the case of the day illustrates. Because a class action lawsuit was filed 5 years ago against the company and it will be settled in court on August 16, 2021. This complaint states that Apple will replace defective devices with poor-quality refurbished products. Although the company explains the provision of alternatives. Performance and reliability equivalent to new devices », Some disagree.

Apple in class action lawsuit – Credit: Pixabay – Credit (s): Pixabay

The initial allegation at the root of this class action lawsuit is the complaint filed by the user after his iPad was replaced. The latter is considered to have received poor-quality device, Whose renewal will affect its performance. Note that this teamwork brings American consumers together After obtaining AppleCare or AppleCare + insurance for iPhone / iPad, effective July 20, 2012. As for Apple, It is also subject to a court case in PortugalHe denies wrongdoing. See you in August to find out the verdict of this trial, which is scheduled to take place in California.


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