Apple: UK opens App Store trial

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( – The British Competition Commission announced on Thursday that it was opening an investigation into Apple’s online store, arguing that the practices of US technology companies may be unfair to app developers.

The Competition and Markets Commission (CMA) is investigating whether Apple imposes anti-competitive conditions on developers who use the App Store to distribute their applications to Apple devices in the UK.

‘Millions of people use the apps every day to check the weather, play games or take orders,’ explains Andrea Cocelli, the organization’s boss.

“Complaints (…) that Apple is using its position in the market to define conditions that are unfair or likely to control competition and choice (…) should therefore be carefully considered,” he said in a statement.

The CMA notes that the complaints of many players in this field, along with its own work in the digital marketplace, will be at the beginning of the investigation.

As a reminder, the European Commission is currently conducting four different studies on Apple’s practices, one of which is about its App Store.

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