Apple TV+ adds movies from other studios, like Netflix

+ AppleTV At first it only swore by its original content, but the situation is gradually changing with the addition of films from other studios. This is an opportunity to get a catalog background, like Netflix. However, there is a gap between the two streaming platforms when it comes to the amount of content.

These additions of films from other studios were a reality last month and continue to this day. But Apple TV+ doesn’t do anything like other streaming services because the respective programs aren’t easily accessible. In fact, it can only be found by visiting the pages of films and series that are original programmes.

For example, the movie Lusty With Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Recently available. Navigating the program page allows you to watch films from other studios in which we find either Ryan Reynolds or Will Ferrell. It is particularly an issue Back to collegeAnd the Featured Presenter: The Legend of Ron Burgundy where Semi-professional. Thus, Apple TV+ subscribers can watch these shows without paying an extra penny.

according to the analysis Tech RadarThere are currently 20 films from other studios available to watch on Apple TV+. But there are size restrictions: Access is only available in the United States. Subscribers in other countries cannot watch additional content and it is not clear if this will change in the future. Also, there is an expiration date. In fact, many programs will be available until November 30th and will disappear after that date.

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